FIFA Player Dataset Visualization

Messi or Ronaldo, who is better? Ever wondered why Bayern Munich performed so well last season? What parameters does EA Sports consider when finding these ratings? Let’s find out through this article in which I walk you through some of the key insights which can be derived from the FIFA 20 dataset.

Broadly speaking, we will be covering insights on:

  1. Team vs Player Value
  2. Player vs Player Value
  3. Age vs Player Attributes
  4. Messi vs Ronaldo

1.Team vs Value

Everyone, including people who don't follow football, is aware that Real Madrid is the club that has the biggest fanbase. Very seldom do we look deeper. Going by cumulative player value (in $), Real Madrid ranks 1st among all teams in the world. The fact that the team has a lot of high valued players explains why this team has such a good fan following.

Club vs Total Player value (Top 15)

Let us look into a similar insight, but for national teams. Spain has the most valued players and England has the highest cumulative overall potential of players.

Nationality vs Total Player value (Top 15)
Nationality vs Total Overall Potential(Top 15)

Comparing the average age of players in each team (Among the top 15 teams by value), we find that Juventus has the oldest set of players.

2.Player Value vs Other Attributes

Looking at individual player statistics, the most important factors which determine the worth of a player are his value, his potential and sometimes his wage. The following graphic shows who the most valued players in the world are.

Player value vs Wage
World’s Highest-Paid Footballers (Top 15)

Are such highly biased player values too far from the trend? Looking at the trend of Player Wage vs Value below, it is clear that the top 15 do not follow the trend and are outliers.

Player Value vs Overall Potential

3.Age vs Player Attributes

Football is a sport that requires stamina, strength and agility. Naturally, these attributes tend to weaken as players grow older as shown by the plots below.

Player Age vs Sprint Speed
Player Overall Potential vs Age

4. Messi vs Ronaldo

This has always been a tight contest :P But going purely by the dataset, Ronaldo edges out Messi to be the better player as he has an Overall score of 94 as opposed to Messi’s 93. Here are comparisons of some of their other attributes.

Ronaldo vs Messi

The insights shown in this article are only some of the vast insights that can be derived from this dataset. This article was only a collection of insights that I thought were most useful for people who don’t follow football. Hope you’ve enjoyed the small glimpse of everything that can be done using the FIFA 20 dataset!

Written by Abhishek, NIT Trichy.




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Culture | Politics | Tech | Art | Music | Mental Health

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